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Terms and Conditions

  1. By using this site (including all websites) you (the "User") signify your agreement to these terms and conditions, that you are older than 18 years of age and that you have read and you fully understand the terms which follow.

  2. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use this website.

  3. Please check the terms and conditions periodically for changes because Network421 reserves the right to modify them without notice

  4. In case of change of terms and conditions, the continued use of this website by you after the posting of any changes means that you unconditionally accept these changes.

  5. Network421  organizes and conducts seminars via the Internet (LiveWebSeminars) touching upon a wide range of topics.

  6. The client is responsible for proper registration providing an accurate and valid e-mail address as it is only through this that client's account is activated and the access code is reset if necessary.

  7. Registering and creating a client account on the Network421 platform is free, and is done by filling out the registration form.

  8. Once the user becomes an active member they acquire all the privilages and enjoy all the benefits offered by network421 depending on the package they have chosen as well as the right to earn commissions as a reward for introducing new members according to the business plan.

  9. All seminars organized by network421 are posted on Seminars page as well as the calendar and are conducted in virtual rooms of the company.

  10. Network421 grows by means of referral network marketing offering clients a personal webpage at no extra cost and thus the opportunity to members toenjoy the benefits of this model of growth in practice through action.

  11. Every active member wishing to advertise or recommend the services of network421 can do so through their personal webpage nework421/personal creating their own structure of subscribers and receiving rewards every month according to the business plan.

  12. Minimum requisite for receiving rewards is the monthly payment of the subscription on the day the payment is due as that is determined by the package chosen.

  13. When the monthly subscription payment is not made on the day it is due posted on the member's back office, the member becomes inactive and they receive a notification by email automatically on the same day. Hereafter and until the subscription is renewed the member is not entitled to the rewards generated by their structure, ie new subscriptions or renewals made by the members of their team, within that period of time.

  14. The structure of the network of members of an inactive client remains intact and if and when the client's account is reactivated the client receives the rewards generated by their structure from that day on provided they pay the subscription fees for the period of time they were inactive so as to retain their structure.

  15. The client is not entitled to rewards generated by their structure during the period of time they were inactive as the membership fee was not timely paid.

  16. The client – member – subscriber of network421 is in no way a representative or a worker of network421 and is in no other way related to the company than mentioned above.

  17. By subscribing to network421 you agree not to make false allegations or misleading statements regarding network421, the services the company offers and your relationship with it . You also agree to act abiding by the current rules, terms , regulations and policies of nework421.

  18. You acknowledge and agree that the whole content and the services of the network421 website are the sole property of network421 and protected by copyright, trade mark legislation in EC, the USA and internationally.

  19. All rights not expressly granted herein are fully reserved by network421 .

  20. You agree to pay for all purchases and services in your name conducted through your webpage and not to deny any such order or payment. You agree to pay all incurring costs or damages or legal payments as a result of not paying orders you place through your network421 werbsite. Should network421 delay in demanding the aforementioned charges, they still retain their right to do so.

  21. You agree to protect and keep your access information to your network421 site secret and that you will do everything in your power to prevent access to your account by anyone other than yourself. You agree that this access information is absolutely private and confidential and that you will immediately and in writing notify network421 in case of loss or breach of your account by an unauthorized person.

  22. You agree to abide by the current legislation locally and internationally

  23. Although nework421 does everything in its power to include accurate and up to date information we do not guarantee or claim that our website is without flaws. Errors in typing data or technical problems might sometimes lead to inaccurate information. Network421 accepts no responsibility for such mishaps and reserves the right to correct possible inaccuraces or printing errors without warning. Our aim is to constantly make improvements and changes to the website with a view to making it more functionable. We would appreciate therefore any suggestions regarding articles you consider to be inaccurate and we will modify them promptly.

  24. You completely agree that all the above terms are essential and that any breach of them may result in restricting your access to your account or even permanent discontinuation of the provision of services and our relationship depending on the severity of the offense.

  25. Unless expressly permitted, you agree that you will not receive, save, cut, paste, sell, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from materials found in it the site. Data recovery or other content from the site, regularly or sporadically, without the written permission of Network421 is prohibited. Moreover, the use of content or material for any purpose not expressly permitted in this Agreement is prohibited.

  26. Please check the terms and condition continuously so as to be informed of any modifications since the company can modify them if necessary without warning.